Imagine a conversation that can replace polling, surveys, and more.

Engaging, real-time conversations can now take place between you and any sized group on a convenient, web-based platform.

Manager engaging with employees

Employee Engagement

Understand employee and team needs through interactive, data backed conversations – increasing employee retention and satisfaction.

Market Researcher speaking with consumers

Consumer Insights

Speak directly with the people who use your products and services to gain immediate feedback - allowing you to make better and faster decisions.

Conference presenter and audience

Meetings & Conferences

Townhalls, state of the company meetings, and annual conferences can now be interactive and engaging from the c-suite down to the customer service team.

...and countless more.

Every opinion matters

The most valuable aspect of a remesh conversation is being able to capture each participant's thoughts and opinions in real-time.

Each participant can suggest responses to their group and vote on others' suggestions resulting in a list of ranked thoughts that represent the group.

The highest ranking suggestion, based on everyone in the group's rankings is then shared with the moderator on behalf of the group.

Group of individuals in speech bubble shape
remesh: quickly and easily find the thought that best represents a whole group.

Thinking of a poll or survey?

Think again.

Polls and surveys require time to set up, the right questions to ask - plus no one likes them. Next time, try inviting everyone to a remesh conversation.

remesh conversations take less time to set up, allow for follow up questions, and provide instant insights. Plus, they're fun.

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Surveys and polls
Everyone loves surveys, right?

The speed of information

Being able to make decisions quickly, and with the best data possible is valuable to everyone.

A remesh conversation connects you to any number of people regardless of their locations, and delivers instant, insightful data for decision makers.

Being able to quickly and effectively relay infomation from many people to decision-makers is extremely valuable.

Connecting people all over the world in real-time
Make decisions faster, with better, more insightful data.

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